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Are you visiting Amsterdam and looking for a Japanese escort? We are one of the top escort services providing Japanese girls to hotels and private residences. As the leading provider of Asian girls in Amsterdam, we spend a lot of time searching for high-class oriental ladies for our esteemed clients. Please take your time and browse our gallery of hot Japanese ladies. We will be updating this page on a regular basis, so bookmark this page.

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What to Expect when Meeting with a Japanese Escort

Japanese escorts are, without a doubt, the most unique in the world, which is why they are so sought after. What makes Japanese escorts so special stems from their cultural upbringing. In Japan, girls are raised to be submissive women who are soft-spoken and passive by nature. Japanese women also believe in traditional family values where the man is the head of the house and women should be feminine and nurturing. Combining these strong cultural and traditional Japanese values makes for a woman whom western men are drawn to.

In practical terms, Japanese escorts are respectful, quiet and submissive. They are perfect companions who never draw attention to themselves. They fit perfectly into high-class surroundings and are socially aware. Japanese girls are not outspoken and prefer to listen rather than be the centre of attention. Japanese escorts are non-confrontational, especially in public, choosing to hide their emotions rather than being a drama queen. This should not be misconstrued as being cold but rather peaceful and calming.

Overall Japanese escort girls create a calming and relaxing atmosphere that can be addictive to men constantly in high-stress situations.

What are Japanese Girls like in Bed

In general Asian escorts have always done things differently in the bedroom and Japanese escorts are no exception. When people look at Japanese girls, they often make many assumptions about how they will perform in bed. Most men think that because Japanese girls look so innocent, this is probably how they will perform in the bedroom. So it usually comes as quite a surprise when they find out that Japanese girls are far more open to many sexual activities that are often considered taboo in western societies.

At this point, it's probably a good idea to mention that these comments are generalisations, and individual girls will have their likes and dislikes.

Due to the submissive behaviour of Japanese women, they are often duty-bound to please their men's fantasies. This has resulted in a far more extensive sexual menu than most westerners are used to. Things like BDSM and role-playing are very popular. Japanese men like to be dominant in bed and thus favour many submission-based sexual activities.

Men who like petite escorts, Asian escorts or young girls will love Japanese escorts. This is because Japanese girls have tiny physics and look naturally youthful. Coupled with their naturally submissive behaviour, they make for the perfect teen escort experience without breaking the law.

Because of the petite body composition of a Japanese girl having sex with them feels tighter and more youthful. Men with massive penises might have problems with some Japanese girls but don't worry; they will try. On the flip side, being with a Japanese woman for most men will make you feel like a well-endowed stallion.

How to Treat a Japanese Women

It should be pointed out that all Amsterdam escorts should be treated with respect and dignity and Japanese women are no exception. Being respectful and gentlemanly will go a long way in getting the best out of a Japanese girl. Typically Japanese girls want a strong, decisive man who is honourable and respectful. Don't be forceful, arrogant or boastful; these qualities will only turn her off. Japanese women are observant and pay attention to the small things. They are also not easily fooled and rely on strong core values, so players will have little success trying to game them. If you treat your Japanese escort like a lady, she will most certainly treat you like a man.

Things that Japanese Escorts like that might Surprise you

Being dressed like a businessman will often be considered boring by western women. On the other hand, Japanese girls have been taught that this is expected and to be respected. Being dressed smart casual or wearing a shirt and tie is considered proper and dignified by Japanese ladies, which will translate into them seeing you as respectful and trustworthy.

Carrying a few extra pounds can often be attractive to certain Japanese girls. The Sumo wrestler is an iconic image in Japan and a sport that is still very popular. Sumo wrestlers are seen as a symbol of strength and power. As a result, Japanese girls often find rounded men to be desirable.

Most Japanese men don't have much hair on their bodies. Western men that are well-groomed but hairy can often be attractive to Japanese women. Coupled with western larger body size and masculine qualities, Japanese girls can easily find this appealing.

How do Japanese Escorts compare with other Asian Escorts?

Considering that most of our clients are westerners being with an Asian escort will be a truly unique experience. Even though there are distinct differences between the various Asian cultures, namely Japanese escorts, Chinese Escorts and Thai Escorts, they all have common attributes that we associate with oriental women. It is these characteristics that we will focus on.

What to do with Japanese Escorts in Amsterdam

Oddly enough, Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world to entertain Japanese people. The city has many attractions that foreigners and Japanese girls would love to experience.

Arts and Culture

One of the most loved foreign artists in Japan is Vincent van Gogh. In fact, van Gogh is so popular that many Japanese multinational companies purchase original works of art to gain respect from the Japanese public. Yearly, thousands of Japanese people come to holland for the sole purpose of seeing van Gogh's works of art. If you want to take your Japanese escort out for the day, we highly recommend going to the Van Gogh Museum.

For a nighttime cultural activity, consider going to one of the many theatres in Amsterdam, as Japanese women love watching shows.

Wining and Dining

There are many great restaurants in Amsterdam; if truth be told, most visitors are not that particular about which restaurant they eat at so long as it's good. If this is the case for you, may we suggest Momo Restaurant or Izakaya Restaurant. Both these restaurants are considered top establishments and come highly rated. What makes these restaurants special when taking a Japanese woman out is that they are Japanese fusion. This means Westerners and Asians can eat from the same menu and enjoy their meals without compromise.

How to Book a Japanese Escort

The first thing to note is that our Japanese escorts in Amsterdam are very popular and because there are not so many of them, they are almost always fully booked. It is there advisable to always book in advance to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff, who will be able to answer any queries you may have about the escort services the girls are offering or their prices.