Schiphol Foot Fetish

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Schiphol Foot Fetish Service

Our foot fetish service offers men who have an affinity towards sexy feet the opportunity to satisfy their fetish. Amsterdam is not known for its foot fetish scene. It is, for this reason, we have become the go-to escort service. All of our high-class escorts in Amsterdam offer this service, and with such a variety of feet available, its no wonder men are going crazy.

So for those of you who are new to the foot fetish service you may be asking what does this service entail. The short answer is anything you want. Our open-minded call girls will do just about anything to satisfy their customers. Some men like to watch, others like our girls to massage them with their feet and some can't get enough of accessories. Whether it be toe rings to ankle bracelets of maybe a sexy set of high heels, the options are endless.

What makes our foot fetish service in Amsterdam so unique is the variety of girls on offer. So if you are visiting Amsterdam on business or holiday and require a foot service then give us a call, and we will arrange a meeting with one of our lovely Amsterdam escorts.


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